What Can I Sell To Make Money?


If you are asking yourself “What can I sell to make money?” We have you! You can come up with secondary ideas for making extra money. You can get rid of unwanted items without even leaving your house. There are many ways to generate extra cash from the comfort of your own home.

Sports Equipment Sell to Make Money

In today’s market, there are dozens of places where consumers can purchase refurbished or just used fitness equipment. Home gym equipment sales are not as profitable as they once were when the craze was to buy newer, better and better machines for the home. Currently, fitness trends are moving away from home gym equipment like treadmills and stationary bikes to plyometric workout DVDs and short, high-impact workouts. These types of workouts actually offer a higher fat burning potential than the stationary workouts that fitness enthusiasts get on a machine.

In fitness centers, however, equipment such as stairlifts, treadmills, recumbent bikes, and ellipticals are still all the rage. Gym owners will still need to buy or rent equipment and best commodity every year. Does it only imply a small cost for them? Low compared to the actual cost of purchasing any new equipment. The initial sale to owners of gyms and fitness centers is the most profitable sale for you as a seller of gym equipment.

Print-on-Demand Business 

Print on demand is the first suggestion on the list. More and more people are trying to wear bespoke items like t-shirts or hoodies. Mugs and other products are also popular, even though they are purchased as a novelty or a personal gift for someone. 

A business like this will take time because you will have to study the market and work to attract customers. Fortunately, there are services to make it all easier.

Online Retail Store

If you prefer a more traditional approach, an online store is also an option to explore. While some business owners can’t manage inventory, shipping, and other processes on their own and stick to the drop shipping model, it’s important to remember that not all are the same.

Marketplace for Renting Clothes

Not everyone can afford to buy clothes. Rental shops are also a common thing, and it’s not surprising to see more of them appearing on the internet. 

The business model itself is a bit tricky as you have to decide what type of clothes you want to rent. Wedding dresses, tuxedos, and party suites are some of the more popular options.

Video games and gaming systems

Video Game Coaching

One of the coolest ways to make money playing video games is to offer to train your favorite competitive game (like League of Legends). 

Video game coaches earn $ 20 to $ 200 an hour, depending on their quality and the demands of their services. For example, Metaphor (a League of Legends coach mentioned in the YouTube section) offers coaching services for $ 50 to $ 80 an hour. 

Starting as a coach usually means gaining an audience through a platform like YouTube and offering your services to your audience.

Game Tester

The most fundamental difference between a QA tester and a “game tester” or “beta tester” is that QA deals with a product that has already achieved a certain level of quality that developers want. 

Being a “tester” involves trying to “break” a game or find ways to ruin it or analyze why or not it may or may not be fun for users.

Become a Professional Gamer

Pro gamers now compete against each other all over the world and win millions at events sponsored by the Major League Gaming Circuit, the Dota 2 International Championship and Intel Extreme Masters. MLG has built arenas across the country from which to organize and broadcast professional live gaming events have observatories and communities on the internet to find the best untapped players.

Musical instruments

It is not necessary for your musical equipment to stay in your house and collect dust. Today there are many avenues that you can use to sell your old tools and equipment. If you are no longer using the items, it might be time to let someone else enjoy them.

Sell Your Music

Digital distribution is a must; you need to be easily accessible on all media platforms or find a user-friendly aggregator that puts your music network-wide for you or you can choose to configure it yourself. Selling music at shows is also important.

Selling instruments through shops and dealers

In the music business, online sales now represent more than half of all musical instrument transactions, and this figure is set to increase. But for some, physical transactions remain the preferred option. For the online seller, advertising a tool, negotiating a sale, and arranging for shipping can be time consuming. 

For the buyer, in the meantime, making sure they get the tool they want at the right price and in one piece can be just as difficult. Many appreciate this process. But for others, it might be something they’d rather cede to someone else.


Local Jewelers stores 

Local stores are certainly trustworthy, but their priorities may not reflect your best interests. On the one hand, their selling prices reflect the retail prices, which are strongly marked. When local jewelers buy parts like a branded watch, they normally sell them to a retailer, who will then sell them to a wholesaler. Watch store owners have a business to run and may not benefit from purchasing your watch, especially if you aren’t planning on replacing it right away. Although affordable and local, the local jewelry store will not offer you the most competitive prices.

Consignment Stores 

Although consignment stores are easy to find, you will often have to pay high shipping costs and the sale can often take a long time. In addition, it is essential to research the reputation and reliability of the store.


Pawn shops are good for making money quickly, but they have no value. A pawn shop can be a quick option, but don’t expect high returns.


Many people turn to eBay to sell a watch online. But with an average of a million pieces of jewelry on sale at any given time, the greater the risk of being scammed, you won’t get great value or great security, and you won’t get it. t be sold under the supervision of an expert.


At an auction house puts your luxury watch in front of not only one interested buyer, but several buyers who bid on an item that interests them and increase the price. In addition, you will benefit from expert supervision, which will verify the value of the watch and prevent fraud and scams.

Jewelry & Accessories

Sell your creations 

If you are a jewelry designer or a craftsman, creating and selling your own product is a great option. You will have to create a brand from scratch, but you will have 100% control over all aspects of your homemade business jewelry.

Become a wholesaler 

You buy the product from a wholesale manufacturer at a discount and then sell it through your channels at a higher retail price. How to sell your creations you have great control. But wholesaling comes with responsibility and risk. Will you be able to sell what you buy? Will storage and shipping costs eat into your bottom line? These are just a few of the many questions.

Become an affiliate merchant 

You focus on selling, but the supplier company you decide to work with takes care of everything from sourcing, storage, packaging, and shipping of the product. Companies like Bella Branch, LilyFair Jewelry, Jared, Sugar Bean Jewelry, and KA Gold Jewelry offer commissions between 5% and 25%, which could be a good way to make money selling jewelry from home without the risks from wholesale or merchandise.

Sell through an established direct selling company 

Some companies like Avon sell a variety of jewelry products as one of their product lines. Others, like Stella and Dot, Trades of Hope, Paparazzi and Origami Owl focus on jewelry. If you want the support of a network of other sellers, an established brand, and a strong seller support infrastructure, directs selling is a solid option for starting an online jewelry business.


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