Complete Guide on Depop Shipping work

What is Depop?

Depop is now trending as a fashion marketplace app where the younger age goes to find one-of-a-kind things. To make fashion more inclusive, diverse, and waste-free, our global community buys, sells, and connects. But how does Depop shipping work?

Do you have any stuff lying around your house that you’d like to sell on the internet? Or do you have a collection of handcrafted items that you’d like to sell? If so, then you may have thought about selling on Depop. 

Reselling apps have grown increasingly popular. You’re probably comparing the advantages, and disadvantages of Poshmark vs Depop, whether you’re trying to declutter your closet or buy some new items.

A platform where the next generation gets together to discover new goods, and change what fashion looks like. Well, it’s similar to Instagram in that photographs and profiles are shown in a feed for users to scroll through and see what they like. Through this article, get to know about Depop shipping work. 

We’ll not only show you how to get started selling on Depop, but assist you with some helpful selling suggestions as well as details on Depop costs, the shipping process, and more.

Depop is the most user-friendly platform. The app is available for iOS and Android, and it looks and operates much like Instagram—something my Gen Z brain could handle. Not all marketplaces are equal. The Depop vs Poshmark operations both are quite different in operations. 

So, you’ve successfully sold your first thing. It’s time to get it to your customer. Follow these guidelines to ensure a pleasant shipping experience for both you and your buyer, and watch the positive feedback pour in.


Whenever feasible, use tracked shipping. Seller protection offered by Depop and PayPal does not apply to untracked packages. Add insurance and require a signature for high-value items. This helps to establish trust in your store and gives buyers assurance.

Consider your options

When it comes to shipping, you have lots of different options. Make sure you use a reliable service. With Depop you can find different ways. Let’s find out how Depop Shipping Works

Depop Shipping Works in U.K

 UK sellers have three shipping options

  1. Arrange your own shipping: Sellers can choose their preferred shipping ways by arranging their own shipment.
  2. Depop Drop Off with Hermes: All over the UK, sellers can find the drop off points as Depop has now collaborated with Hermes. (Mainland UK only)
  3. Ship with Depop Courier collect: The option arranges for your goods to be picked up from your home address by a courier.

Depop Shipping Works in the United States

Being a resident of the United States, you have two shipping choices –

  1. Organize your own shipping: Sellers can choose their chosen shipping service and ship themselves.
  2. Ship with Depop: Depop has collaborated with USPS to ship your items. Sellers can drop off the box at their local USPS office using this option.

In the UK, Parcel2Go and Parcel Force are considered the best for Larger Parcels in UK. Royal Mail is a national postal carrier in the UK, and USPS in the US. 

What makes Depop a preferred Shipping Option?

Giving your customers a variety of choices can make them feel more in control of their purchase. With Depop, they get to know what to expect and will be able to pay for the one they like. Apps Depop vs Poshmark today that are leading  the way happen to have more differences than you think.

Depop is not too costly and is completely value for money as some may believe that Depop is charging a lot using the shipping service. But, it’s not like that as they have a corporate association with their designated shipping agencies. With the partnership, Depop offers a price discount so that the entire shipping charge remains affordable.

Rest depending on the parcel’s weight and size. Small, medium, large, and extra-large are the four size categories available in which cost is determined. 


Though Depop shipping works in a safe and secure manner, still you can rest assured as depop provides insurance for packages that have been lost or damaged.


Depop shipping is undoubtedly the most convenient way to sell on the app. They have a system in place that will send you a prepaid printable shipping label that you can use to attach to your package. You can then choose a convenient time to drop it off at your post office or at the drop box.

Depop Shipping Worldwide

Depop is growing, and shipping internationally can help you reach more customers.

When sending internationally, it’s especially crucial to use tracked shipping. This ensures that once the item has been shipped, you have proof that it has arrived at its destination.

Depop is an amazing application that connects shoppers with vendors all around the world to save money or promote local businesses. Hope you get to know about how Depop shipping works. Depop offers a wide range of alternatives to sellers, everyone can choose a solution that works for them.

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