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A Credit card may be a small plastic or metal card provided by a monetary agency. It allows you to shop for cash up to a setup limit.

A credit card offers a useful method for creating global cashless purchases; by extending an extension of credit or an advance that you simply will repay later, within the event that you simply don’t exactly pay off your entire balance by the top of the claim period, you’ll be charged interest on the quantity owed.

What we can do with Credit Cards

  1. Always treat your cards like cash. 
  2. Keep your card number confidential. 
  3. Save your new cards as they arrive and stop old cards once they expire. 
  4. Sign your credit card in ink as soon as you receive it. 
  5. When making a sale, confirm the vendor is processing your transaction in your presence. 
  6. Check your card when it’s returned to you by the cashier to form sure it belongs to you which it’s not been tampered with in any way. 
  7. Total your bill before you log in, as the White race invites unscrupulous people to assess additional amounts.
  8. Always keep your receipts in order that you’ll compare them together with your statement. 
  9. If there are any unknown transactions on your statement, notify the card issuer immediately. 
  10. Keep your bank statements containing sensitive information in a safe place.
  11. Before discarding old bank statements, even from closed accounts, crush them into small pieces 
  12. Inform the card issuer when traveling abroad Inform the card issuer of any change of address, in order that new cards/bank statements aren’t sent to the old address. 
  13. If your card is stolen or lost, notify the card issuer immediately. Always have the phone number of the card issuer handy.

You don’t do with your Credit Card

  1. Never allow somebody else to use your card. It’s up to you and yours alone. 
  2. Never write your personal number (PIN) on your credit card. 
  3. This way you’ll prevent unauthorized cash withdrawals from ATMs. 
  4. Do not give out any credit card information to people soliciting sales over the phone.
  5. If you receive calls from someone claiming to be your card issuer and therefore the caller asks for your account number, don’t provide it. If the decision is from your card issuer, the caller will know your account number. 
  6. Do not sign a blank bill of lading, draw a line between the lines above the entire amount and immediately destroy all coal and void receipts. 
  7. Don’t leave expired cards lying around.

Dos for an honest Credit card history

First, we’ll tell you what are the items you would like to try to form sure you’ve got an honest Credit history. A number of the foremost important is paying your bills on time, having an honest rate of use of credit, a mixture of credits, etc.

Pay Bills on Time

The first thing you ought to always confine in mind is that there’s nothing better than paying your bills on time, whether it is your credit card bill or your EMI loan. Whether it is your credit card bill or the IME of an existing loan, you want to pay your credit card bill or the IME on or before maturity. By paying your bill on or before maturity, you’ll have an appropriate repayment trail which will ultimately be reflected in your Credit report. One among the foremost important factors that assist you to achieve an honest credit score is your timely payment history. Therefore, missing one EMI or credit card bill can negatively impact your credit score.

Have a perfect Credit Utilization Ratio

The rate of Credit usage is additionally one of the important factors which will affect your Credit score. It’s nothing quite the share of your Credit card’s total available limit that’s spent during a month. Suppose your overall Credit limit is INR 80,000. So you should not spend quite INR 24,000 (30% of your total credit limit) during a month. 

According to lenders, it’s recommended to stay this ratio at 30% or less. Lenders may view you as a fanatical borrower, and you’ll have difficulty obtaining loans or Credit cards within the future.

Have a far better Credit Mix

It is important to possess different types of credit (secured loans, unsecured loans, Credit cards) in your overall profile. This may tell the lender that you simply can handle different types of debt responsibly. But that does not mean you ought to choose unnecessary loans or Credit cards. Always keep your repayment capacity in mind. Besides having differing types of loans, you furthermore may get to pay them off on time.

Check your Credit Report regularly

You should also check your Credit report regularly to ascertain if there are any errors within the details that will negatively affect your Credit report. There could also be several errors in your Credit report like incorrect personal information, incorrect current loan amount, showing the loan fully paid off as an impressive loan, etc. If you discover any errors, you’ll resolve your credit score disputes with different Credit bureaus.

Don’ts for an honest Credit history

Now, know all those factors that you simply shouldn’t do if you would like to possess an honest credit history. All of them are mentioned below. Do check them!

Never pay your Credit card bills partially

Many Credit card users tend to pay only the minimum amount their Credit card owed (typically 5% of the entire bill amount) to avoid late fees. Some, however, pay quite the minimum due but the entire thanks to avoiding late payment charges. But by doing this over and once again, they fall under the vicious debt trap as interest continues to be charged on the remaining amount they are doing not pay. This is often called open-end credit and it keeps getting higher and better for those that partially pay their due and other people also can default because the overall debt can exceed their limit. 

That is why it’s recommended to always pay your bill fully because it positively affects your Credit score and helps in debt reduction. Whenever you spend together with your Credit card, always do so together with your ability to pay back. It’s not advisable to form unnecessary expenses simply because you’ve got the choice of paying the quantity later.

Don’t close old accounts

Many people close their old Credit cards once they want to modify them to a replacement Credit card, which may be the most important mistake given their credit history. During this way, it affects both the credit utilization rate and therefore the average age of credit history having an extended credit history will always have a far better chance of getting an honest credit rating than people with more recently acquired credit cards or loan accounts. Your past credit accounts give lenders a way of your experience handling different types of debt, lenders can provide you with new debt without a doubt.

Don’t apply for brand spanking new Credit unnecessarily

You should remember that posing for new Credit cards or new loans (secured or unsecured) unnecessarily several times over a brief period of your time can have a negative impact on your credit history. Lenders may view you as a short-credit borrower and reject your application. This may lower your Credit score. So, apply for a loan or a Credit card as long as you would like the funds. Also, if you have already got existing loans and apply for brand spanking new loans, lenders may charge you higher interest rates which can make the repayment amount above usual.


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