Best Family Vacations on a Budget

A family vacation is one of those experiences where you can experience it all together, making up for all the time lost in chaotic city life. Light a campfire or go scuba diving with the family or enjoy a nature retreat with loved ones. I’ve covered it in this blog with this list of the 20 best places to visit with the family outside of India on a budget. 

Top Budget Destinations for The Best Family Vacations 

1. Bali, Indonesia 

Indonesia’s natural beauty makes it a tourist magnet among avid travelers looking for a budget adventure. Located between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, it is the largest island in the world with pristine blue waters, magnificent marine life, and incredible corals. 

The wild side of this country, the Ubud Monkey Forest, is a must-visit. Indonesia is all about the beaches with huge rock formations, game drives, diving, snorkeling, and temples. Indonesia seems like one of the best family vacations on a budget visa-free overseas travel from India. 

Rich in cultural heritage, visit Indonesia for its encouraging natural beauty lined with so much more! If you are looking for an international trip under 1 lakh, Indonesia is one destination you can definitely consider! It’s really perfect for a budget trip abroad. 

Flight Tickets: INR 20,000 – INR 25,000 (Roundtrip) 

Daily Expenses: INR 3,000 – INR 4,000 (Including living, travelling, eating)

2. Qatar 

Visiting this country will be like an Arab fairy tale. It’s packed with ancient art on display in museums, sacred religious sites, spectacular skylines, sand dunes, world-class restaurants, and active adventures. 

If you haven’t explored this place yet, be sure to plan your next best family vacations on a budget international trip to Qatar this year. There are many places to visit in Doha for a wonderful vacation. 

Qatar is also one of the unusual places to make an international trip that will not weigh too much on your pocket! It might not be one of the cheap international destinations, but you can definitely travel on a budget. 

Flight Tickets: INR 22,000 – INR 35,000 (Roundtrip) 

Daily Expenses: INR 4,000 – INR 5,000 

3. Thailand 

Thailand is the most frequented tourist destination for cheap people and is the 20th most populous country in the world. Thailand Indulge you with its beaches, mountains, culture, food, and more. And the best part is that it is one of the cheapest international destinations in India that fits everyone’s budget. 

This is one of the best family vacations for inexpensive travel abroad from India. From adventurers to recreation seekers, Thailand offers one of those best family vacations on a budget international trip from India of less than 30,000 people that is suitable for all types of travelers. Start with clubbing, snorkel in turquoise beaches; devour cheap street food, chaotic markets where you can find anything that interests you, the night skyline, authentic spas to relax your senses, and finally the Thai people are very polite and easy-going. 

Flight Tickets: INR 14,000 – INR 18,000 (Roundtrip) 

Daily Expenses: INR 2,500 – INR 3,000 (Including living, traveling, eating) 

4. Malaysia 

The country of the mega diverse is estimated to contain 20% of the world’s number of species. Home to a wide range of Rafflesia genera, Malaysia is home to the world’s largest flower. 

Think Malaysia for the best family vacations on a budget and you’ll start to imagine turquoise waters, gorgeous beaches, and fantastic weather. One of the major tourist hubs in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is the perfect scenic destination that you expected and where you can plan a cheap international trip from India. 

Those looking for the best family vacations on a budget, international travel under 1 lakh should definitely consider visiting Malaysia. 

Flight Tickets: INR 13,000 – INR 18,000 (Roundtrip) 

Daily Expenses: INR 2800 – INR 4500

5. United Arab Emirates

A hub for international tourists, the United Arab Emirates was on the wish lists of many travelers. If you are one of them, this is the year when you can plan an best family vacations on a budget international trip and explore the UAE. 

For meals, a touch of local knowledge could open up many budgets. Treat yourself to the best views of the city of Dubai Marina at night at the Arched View of the Burj Khalifa. 

The United Arab Emirates is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations offering modern touches with its ever-expanding infrastructure. Dubai is truly one of the cheapest countries to visit from India. 

Flight Tickets: INR 14,000 – INR 19,000 

Daily Expenses: INR 4,000 – INR 5,000 

6. Maldives 

The Maldives is undoubtedly one of the great places to go on vacation and are easily the most overlooked as “overpriced”. How many times have you had a vacation in the Maldives thinking it would cost a fortune? We have what you need: here’s how to spend 4 days in the Maldives from just 89,999 per couple! From India. 

The country is made up of more than 1,100 islands, of which just over 200 are inhabited. In addition to these paradise islands, there are 26 coral atolls that attract visitors on vacation to the Maldives. Independent vacations and the best family vacations on a budget in the Maldives are pretty new. 

It’s only in the last few years that guesthouses have started popping up on local islands (the ones where locals actually live and have a completely different vibe than luxury resorts). Since then, tourists have started to venture out on their own, sometimes with difficulty obtaining information on where to go, how to get around, and how to plan their trip. 

Flight Tickets: INR 18,000 – INR 20,000 Daily Expenses: INR 6,000 – INR 7,000

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